Physical Activity Components

Physical Activity Components

In layman terms, physical health helps in improving the overall working, mobility, and functioning of the body. Physical activities are an essential part of the health regime, which allows an individual to do daily activities without problems. Regular workout not only helps in improving the postures but also improve body balance. For better understanding, a complete understanding of the components of physical activities can help one achieve total fitness and improve the working of your whole body. For example, agility, flexibility, body balance, and reaction time determines how well your body reacts or work in a particular situation. Get a personal fitness trainer at Symmetry Gym Dubai, to assist you better. Always know that if you conquer knowledge of what the physical fitness components are then you can be stronger and leaner, while at the same time also increase your fitness level at any age despite the challenges of workout.

Cardiovascular Strength

Healthy heart

This is simply meaning how the heart, veins, arteries and lungs are provide the needed energy and well oxygen is being carried to your body during high-intensity workouts. These exercises include running, Pilates, yoga, and swimming. However, Cooper Run is the main physical test parameter for cardiovascular endurance, which tests how far you can run in 12 minutes.

Muscular Strength and Endurance

Muscle strength determines the amount of energy a muscle needs to push and pull while muscular endurance determines the ability of the muscles to work effectively through resistance and repeated contractions. Exercises like push-ups, bench presses, leg presses or bicep curl are the perfect exercises to test muscle strength while sit up, cycling, and elliptical are helps in testing muscles endurance.


Physical Activity

Sit-ups and reach and touch test are the most common exercise for testing the elasticity of the body. Flexibility is used to determine the ability of the body, joints, and muscles to achieve a full range of mobility. If you wish to check your flexibility then you can opt for stretching that tests individual muscles or movement exercises like lunges and squats can test targeted muscles.


To understand is agility means the ability of the body to move and change position while being in control of the balance of the body. Agility is synonym to reflexes, harmonizing of the body parts at a certain speed and optimal response to all situations.

Body structure

In basic terms body structure is used to determine the amount of fat percentages, bone, water and muscle density in human bodies. Though there are various machines that test body mass indexes, fat percentage and bone density but underwater weighing helps in determining body fat measurement.

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