Various Types of Sushi Fillings

Various Types of Sushi Fillings

For one to enjoy their sushi the toppings and fillings have to be bursting with flavor and exceptionally rich in feel and texture. You can order sushi online Dubai and get yourself some awesome sushi and try making your own toppings with some natural products and see how it turns out at the end.

There are homemade feelings and there are the ones which are made by the professionals, the Japanese themselves, and by experts. They are different types of natural products that are used as fillings and toppings for sushi that blend naturally with it and enhance the taste of the sushi. Knowing the right topping that goes with a particular type of sushi is an awesome filling because you start to feel like you have mastered the whole sushi lifestyle, the seafood lifestyle.


This serves as a filling, it is put inside the sushi, the juiciness and also crunchy nature of the cucumber makes it an excellent filling and also adds a bursting flavor to the sushi.


Of course, the carrot is a great filling and also topping. The carrot goes with almost everything and is extremely nutritious, it could be eaten sliced and diced into pieces or mashed into a paste where the sushi would be dipped into.

Bell Peppers

This ingredient adds spice and electric feelings to the sushi, it gives your tongue a nice tingling feeling and adds more scent to it.


This goes with everything, and also like the carrot could be cut into pieces and used as a great filling, or then blended and used as a topping or sauce.


This can be mixed with other ingredients and made into the perfect sauce for the sushi, spicy and green, or could be cut and put into the sushi.

Green Onion

A feeling that not only adds flavor to the sushi but also gives it an extremely beautiful irresistible scent. Could be used as a diced sauce.


This serves as a topping, a very soft, tender, and delicious topping used to decorate the sushi and make it look presentable and appealing to the eye. UCCI takes pride in the appearance of sushi and using asparagus is a different way to make your sushi look presentable.

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