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What Car Rentals Want You to Know

Someone who has previously rented a car might know of a few common traits found in non-professional car rentals such as the lowest price starts from AED 100 or that the vehicle is somehow not available when you arrive, despite booking it in advance. Despite all this, there are, however, a few other methods of tipping the scale to your favor when hiring a car. As experts in the industry, we spill the beans on a few tips and tricks.

Don’t Avoid Joining Loyalty Programs

Unlike other programs that only benefit you if you travel a lot through their airline or reach a particular mile’s level, car rental loyalty programs such as ours at Speedy Drive Car Rental are free to join. There aren’t any hassles where you get to enjoy all the benefits immediately. Moreover, you get to skip the queue and are prioritized over others. Lastly, you also get to enjoy additional savings through their lucrative deals.

Ask Politely for Free Upgrades

Unless the car you requested is not available or ask courteously, do not expect to be provided with a free upgrade with a demanding tone. If you politely speak to your consultant, or simply make a request, they might consider it and oblige.

You Can Buy an Upgrade

As cited above, refrain from demanding for a free upgrade, as there is no such thing as a free upgrade. It’s not very polite and indeed prevents them from going out of their way to address this ‘demand.’ However, you can always buy an upgrade, and if done for an extended period, the car rental may recognize it and offer it for free.

Book in Advance

It is always good to book in advance, as companies have their prices linked, which can vary based on different factors. For instance, if a holiday season comes, the cars get booked at a faster rate, with prices going higher. When you book in advance, you have the liberty to change at a later stage, in case you see a lower price. This, however, is only possible through car rentals who offer free booking and cancellation.

What Car Rentals Want You to Know

Book at The Car Rental Company

If you prefer going through comparison sites and booking a car rental, it sure is your best bet. However, it doesn’t mean you will get a better deal than you would on their website. Several car rentals have lucrative online deals, and some give an even better rate when you visit their company. Alternatively, you can always call them or send in an inquiry to discuss more on it.


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