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Network Services Packages 

Modern Network Architecture management practices are based on fixed pricing that guarantees your network is available.  This guarantees the business owner a consistent monthly price without unexpected emergency fees.  Pricing is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with penalties against the IT Support team when they miss their SLA targets.  

*Note on SLA targets.  Most IT Support companies function on response time to failure rather than an SLA.  The assumption is…(Click here to learn more about a Seattle IT Edge SLA) 

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This is a list of packaged Seattle IT Services.  Click for details and pricing for these packages, any services within these packages can be customized to your organizational needs.

Break-Fix IT Model Packages              Costs start at $1000 / month

SLA – 90%

This is the traditional model for IT Incident support.  When something fails the IT support company quickly follows up when the customer calls.  Each hour the technician is onsite, the customer is billed.  Response time is limited to technician availability for onsite support during business hours.  Unscheduled after hours response time is billed at a higher rate.   Monthly bills to customer are unpredictable.   For details

Managed Services Package                    Check here for costs   (Starting around $500 / month)

SLA – 99%

Modern management services IT Support strategy.   Designed to improve organizational productivity by reducing downtime and aligning technology with the business organizational strategy.   Most cost effective and transformative method for quickly improving orgnizational profitability. For details

Network Stabilization Package            Check here for costs  (Starting at $500 )

The Network stabilization package assumes that there is a reason we have come onsite.  Some networks are slow, some networks have failed.  The range of problems varies and is impossible to predict.  The first step in the stabilization process is to identify where the network is at today.  The first step in the stabilization process is an IT audit.  There are three levels of audit.    For details

Cloud Migration Packages                       Details…  (Starting around $500 / year)

SLA  – 99.9% – 100%

The cloud is the next step in commoditizing information systems.  Few people dig their own well for water, build their own power station or depend on a garden for all their vegetables.   The future predictions for technology is that the cloud will commoditize information systems in the same way water companies, power companies and super markets have commoditized those services.  Today a cloud architecture can improve the SLA from 99% to 99.99% (4 minutes down time / month) or even 100% (or zero minutes of down time per month). For details

Telecom -VoIP & Unified Communications Services  

Phone systems have become more and more amazing, yet more and more expensive over the years.  A Medium size business can spend over $100,000 on the PBX systems alone.  Add in the price for handsets, support and the bill sky rockets.  For details

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