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Why do Businesses Fail?

Why do Businesses Fail?

…or a better question,
…. why do some Businesses succeed?

Business Bankruptcy statistics reveal that

93% of companies file bankruptcy one year after a catastrophic network disaster.

50% of businesses of those businesses filed for bankruptcy immediately.

(Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington.)

How likely is your network to fail?

Network Down time statistics reveal that

80% of businesses surveyed have continual IT downtime problems
(Source: IT Partners Survey)

3.6% of annual revenue* is the average business loss due to the lost productivity IT downtime problems.
(* Note: This is the cost of productivity and does not include budgeted IT support costs.)

If your network is slowing, lagging or suffering from inconsistent network failures this is an indication of a future catastrophic failure or a failure that could impact your company for days or even weeks.   Contact us, we have the tools and experience to fix slow networks before they fail.  The first step in network growth is network stability.  Before risking the next network failure contact us today.

Who we are…

We are a Seattle IT Consulting company specializing in troubleshooting network reliability, availability and scalability problems.  After 15 years of experience we noticed that most technical problems are actually not technical problems.  We’ve found that the most inexpensive way to fix technical failures is by addressing the technical problem as a business problem.

Contact us to discuss questions about IT Emergencies, IT Support or IT strategy, and IT stability issues.

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