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The only difference between you and your competition is information.  95% of your industry is without it.  The other 5% uses information as their competitive edge.

Statistically, 95% of businesses are just trying to catch up with the other 5%

We are a Seattle IT consulting firm whose business clients are competing to be in that top 5%.  Whether your company is brand new, or been around awhile… whether you are in the top 5% or the bottom 95%…

If your goal is to be in the top 5% lets discuss how we can help.  Contact Seattle IT Edge  for your competitive edge… 


99.9% available…

If your systems are down, you shouldn’t be paying your Seattle IT Consulting or IT support company to get to you back up and running.  The systems shouldn’t have failed in the first place, so why are you paying the same company emergency rates to bring those systems back online. 

Imagine what it would mean if your systems worked 99.9% of the time.

  •  85% of businesses report consistent IT failures
  • 10% of a manager’s time is spent putting out IT failures
  • $7,314 / hr. is the production loss when the network is down
  • 97% of businesses will go bankrupt after 10 days of network downtime 

At Seattle IT Edge we provide our clients with a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).  What this means is that your managers, staff and business systems can focus and spend their time making money for the business.   

Call Seattle IT Edge for Increased productivity through IT stability 


Top 5% 

Innovation, Execution, IT strategy … 

To be in the top 5% you need good information.  Then you need to communicate that information to your team, your vendors and your customers.  IT support and IT services companies are focused on fixing your computers after they break down.   

By the time the system has broken down it’s too late to innovate.     

To be in the top 5% you need more than a break/fix solution for your technology.  You need someone that can help you architect your technology in the ways only the top 5% are doing.  You need someone who can give you an IT edge. 

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