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Telecom – VoIP & Unified Communications (UC) Services

Telecom – VoIP & Unified Communications (UC) Services

Modern Network Architecture management practices are based on fixed pricing that guarantees your network is available. This guarantees the business owner a consistent monthly price without unexpected emergency fees. Pricing is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with penalties against the IT Support team when they miss their SLA targets.

*Note on SLA targets. Most IT Support companies function on response time to failure rather than an SLA. The assumption is…(Click here to learn more about a Seattle IT Edge SLA)

Seattle IT Services – Telecom VoIP

Phone systems have become more and more amazing, yet more and more expensive over the years.  A Medium size business can spend over $100,000 on the PBX systems alone.  Add in the price for handsets, support and the bill sky rockets.  On the other hand, VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol (IP)) changes analog phone signals into digital signals that act and behave just like data. 

What this means is that software on your server can reduce costs by managing the functions of a traditional phone system across the data lines.  Add hosted PBX and the price of a phone system plummets.  

Unified Communications (UC)

It only gets better with Unified Communication (UC) technologies that integrate voice mail, text, chat, presence, remote meetings, email and much more together.  With this technology and a traditional desktop handset becomes an unimportant legacy technology and history.   In the future a Windows 8 tablet will replace the desktop workstation, the desktop handset and possibly even the cell phone in the modern network.

 Pricing is dependent on the services you need.  Contact us for pricing

The future is actually here today.  With a Cloud Network Migration, packages are available that will allow businesses to integrate hosted Telcom – VoIP and UC strategies today.

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