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A Technology Service Level Review?

… And why is it important?

To make strong, long term financial decisions, review

  • The Balance sheet,
  • Income Statements and
  • A Cash flow analysis of the organization

The CEO depends of the CPA a financial services review when considering long-term financial decisions for the business.

“… A Service Level Review is as essential as the Income statement…”

A Technology Service Level Review (TSL) provides the same quantifiable review of the technology and technology teams.  This information is critical for making long term technical decisions in the same way.

If the technology is unhealthy, the business systems are also unhealthy…

Every business system, from accounting to HR, is dependent upon the business technology to be successful.  If the technology is unhealthy, the business systems are also unhealthy.  Without a Service Level Review the technology leadership can’t be in alignment with the management team!

Service Level Reviews bring IT into Alignment with business vision…

If you want to build fast growth in the organization, a technical Service Level Review can build employee productivity that can be measured, on an income statement, almost overnight….

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