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Seattle IT Consulting – Are you a hostage?

Seattle IT Consulting – Are you a IT hostage?

Many CEOs feel Like “IT Hostages” continually pouring time and resources on IT fires!

Seattle IT Consulting Red flag

IT Vendor Red Flags!

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Has your technology ever failed or lost money?
  • Have you ever been confused by your Seattle IT support technician?
  • Has your Seattle IT services company ever blamed you for a mistake?
  • Has your IT vendor confused you by asking you to invest in new hardware to fix a problem?
  • Do you have a failed Cloud Computing implementation?
  • Do you worry what would happen if you hired someone else?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions We propose a better way, we call it Monotonous Reliability.  .  Contact us  or call us at 800.216.1050 for a free 2 hour consultation to talk about your confusion.   

We are a Seattle IT Consulting company based in the Puget Sound.  We are the first IT Efficience focused on the SMB. 

Problems we can help with…

Seattle IT Support Communication:

Seattle IT Consulting Failure

Technology Failure

Struggling with your Technology? We often assume that our IT Support vendors know everything. The reality is that they are trained professionals focused on the 1’s & 0’s of your technology.

Collaboration requires communication, cooperation and commitment. Most IT Support organizations struggle with the first but not the latter two. We help bridge this communication gap with Business to Technology translation.

Contact us or call at 800.216.1050 for a free 2 hour discussion to see if we can help!


Cloud Network Architecture

Seattle Cloud Computing

 Seattle Cloud Computing

  • Is your organization considering a Cloud Migration?
  • Is your organization suffering from an incomplete could migration?

The cloud can decrease capital expenditure and increase workplace productive, if done well.  We help businesses and even Seattle IT Services companies do it right the first time.  Too many companies are finding themselves stuck in the middle of a poor cloud migration.  We help plan and implement great migrations or we can fix someone else’s bad migration.  We specialize in both public and private cloud computing solutions.

For more information about the cloud Contact us or call at 800.216.1050 for a free 2 hour discussion. We also put on Cloud Computing seminars, ask us for the times of our next scheduled workshop.

Seattle IT Edge is a Seattle IT Consulting Company

We specialize in identifying business risks and business opportunities affecting the bottom line profitability of our clients.  Our customers no longer feel like hostages to their Seattle IT Services vendors. Contact us to find out more about the risk and opportunities you might be missing.

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