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Seattle IT Services SLA

Seattle IT Services SLA

“We were all laughing, we’d all seen it before…, but no one expected or had seen what happened next!” (Anonymous business owner after an IT Disaster)

Knowing what to do next during any business disaster determines if the business will survive the next 36 hours.  Break/Fix IT support companies typically average about 85% uptime on their clients systems.  During the failure, the IT Support Company will charge their highest emergency rates to fix the problem.

Does it seem odd that if the network fails, you pay the same IT Support vendor that maintains your network, Emergency rates, to also fix your network

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay a Seattle IT Services Company to keep the systems running rather than pay them only when the systems fail?  That’s the idea behind the Seattle IT Consulting Service Level Agreement (SLA).  You pay us a flat monthly rate and we will promise to keep your systems up and running 99.9% of the time.  That’s 14.9% more corporate productivity than the typical break/fix IT Support Company. 

 What this means to you is that if you’re Seattle IT Services fail we will fix those services for free.  With our system it’s to our benefit to keep your systems running.  In the Break/Fix model the only way for the IT Support companies to make money is if your systems to break down.  We think this is backwards.

Consider that without a Seattle IT Services SLA that during an IT catastrophe the average business loses,

  • $7,314 each hour in lost business productivity
  • 70% of small and medium size businesses complain about ongoing IT failures
  • 90% of businesses that lose their network for more than a week file for bankruptcy within 12 months.

Eventually as your business grows, IT failures and disasters happen to everyone who uses a Break/Fix IT support company.  

How do you know if you have a Break/Fix IT Support company?

Ask them for a guaranteed uptime on your network.  A Break/Fix IT Support company, can’t make that promise. 

Protect yourself with our IT Certification Guarantee.

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