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Network Stabilization Package Options

Modern Network Architecture management practices are based on fixed pricing that guarantees your network is available.  This guarantees the business owner a consistent monthly price without unexpected emergency fees.  Pricing is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with penalties against the IT Support team when they miss their SLA targets.

*Note on SLA targets.  Most IT Support companies function on response time to failure rather than an SLA.  The assumption is…(Click here to learn more about a Seattle IT Edge SLA)

Seattle IT Services – Stabilization Packages

Some networks are slow, some networks have failed.  The range of problems varies and is impossible to predict.  The first step in the stabilization process is to identify where the network is at today.  The first step in the stabilization process is an IT audit.  There are three levels of audit, 

Down and dirty audit –                                                                  Starts at $500 for a small networks

Quick, high level review of the network.  The down and dirty audit identifies the basics including:

  • Systems,
  • Hardware,
  • Software
  • Other obvious red flag issues

Designed for the business owner that wants a quick set of eyes to identify possible problems or missed opportunities on the network.


Deep Technical Audit –                                                  Starts at $5000 for a small network *

This audit gives a deep understanding of the of the network infrastructure or of a particular system within the architecture.  The audit can be used to identify problems or missed opportunities.  Before starting any new IT project a deep technical audit should be performed to identify problems before migrating or adding new technologies. 

*Note cost can be integrated into the cost of a new project such as a Cloud Migration


Business process Audit –                                              Starts at $4500 for small networks

Instead of looking at just the hardware and software this audit actually identifies the business processes that are supported by the technology.  Most businesses use no more than 5% of the capacity of their business systems.  This audit is designed to find missed opportunities in the business process integration with their technology.  The idea is that by increasing the utilization of their business systems by 2 -5% productivity for the organization can be increased by 2-5% each month. 

A network stabilization project is usually cyclical starting with an IT Audit.  These projects are difficult to predict costs because it depends on what is learned in the audit.  Despite the initial costs, these audits often identify gems that can increase capacity just by changing a business process or identifying a sick or ailing system.


Network Stabalization Phase Process 

  • Information Gathering

    • IT Audit
    • Business Requirement Gathering
    • Analysis
  • Planning

    • Reporting Findings
    • Management Prioritization on findings
    • Develop Project Implementation plan
  • Implementation

    • Execute Plan
  • Post Review

    • Identify successful results
    • Identify unsuccessful results
    • Determine success of project

The process may repeat the cycle continueing to identify more and more complex problems or until the network is considered stable.  To maintain an on-premise network a more frequent stabalization cycles is required each time the business doubles in growth.  

Of course the simplest network stabalization option is a Cloud Migration Package

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