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Cloud Migration and Cloud Services Packages

Modern Network Architecture management practices are based on fixed pricing that guarantees your network is available. This guarantees the business owner a consistent monthly price without unexpected emergency fees. Pricing is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with penalties against the IT Support team when they miss their SLA targets.

*Note on SLA targets. Most IT Support companies function on response time to failure rather than an SLA. The assumption is…(Click here to learn more about a Seattle IT Edge SLA)

Seattle IT Services – Cloud Packages

The cloud is the next step in commoditizing information systems.  Few people dig their own well for water, build their own power station or depend on a garden for all their vegetables.   The future predictions for technology is that the cloud will commoditize information systems in the same way water companies, power companies and super markets have commoditized those services.  Today a cloud architecture can improve the SLA from 99% to 99.99% (4 minutes down time / month) or even 100% (or zero minutes of down time per month).   

SLA 99.9% – 100%

Note: Because the cloud provider owns the hardware and support systems SLA results improve dramatically. 

Services Include:

*unlimited remote support calls 

The cost of a cloud based system is often the same monthly price and sometimes a little less depending on the system.  The big advantages of a cloud based system include, 

  • Minimal if any Capital Expenditure (CapEx) spending
  • Highest Service Level agreements (SLA)
  • Elimination the need for Incident management team
  • Taking control of IT expenditures and technology strategy planning
  • Maintain highest productivity levels for your workforce

Note: We recomend Cloud migration as the most stable and inexpensive migration idea.

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