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 What is a Seattle IT Services Audit?

In accounting an auditor will check the accounting processes for accuracy.  In addition an auditor will check that the business processes are in line with normal accounting processes.  A Seattle IT Services audit is similar to an accounting audit except the focus is on the business hardware, software and business practices within the IT Deparment. 

What most people don’t realize is that over the last 20 years standard business processes and best practices have been defined for IT departments.  Many IT departments are managed by IT Experts who are not business experts.  An IT audit will compare IT industry best practices with actual IT business practices within the organization.  Just like an accounting audit, a third party IT audit can discover mistakes in business practice that are inflating IT business costs.

Seattle IT Services – Business Productivity Audit – Is your business stuck?  There comes a point where more sales can actually hurt the business more than it helps.  A Business Productivity Audit will identify the weaknesses, risks and opportunities within the business as relates to business productivity. 

 When completed the management team will be able to  

      •  Identify weaknesses and risks in the technical infrastructure before the technology fails.
      • Identify opportunities and gaps that arise when the technology and business process are not in sync. 

Like your car, a business network needs a periodic tune-up.  Slowdowns and failures on the network occur when these “tune-ups” are not occurring.  Seattle IT consulting vendors use our Business Productivity Audits to fix network slowdowns and consistent “minor” network failures.  


Seattle IT Services – Software Licensing Compliance Audit – Have you ever been through a Vendor License audit?  You may or may not realize this but you don’t really own the software running on your computer.  The software usage is licensed to the person or organization using that software.  In the software agreement the person or organization agrees to allow a software compliance audit at any time.  Fines for licensing errors can be expensive. 

 Do you need to worry?

 Companies with 50 to 100 employees are now being targeted more frequently.  Fines over $100,000 dollars are not unusual for this size of company.  On the other side of the coin, many companies have purchased more licenses than they need.  If so those companies may be entitled to a re-imbursement.  In any event a software audit can lower risk and lower software costs. 

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