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Bleeding $30,000 / month before Seattle IT Consulting

IT Efficiency – This could be your Seattle IT consulting Success

A small manufacturer bleeding $30,000 / month in lost employee productivity.  Could this be you too?


Company Description: Carpentry Company

Industry: Small manufacturing

Company size: 35 Employees (at the time)

Network Type: Business owned On-premise data centers

Number of servers: 6

Problem Description:

Brief: Slow/failing Network

Description: The problems had been occurring for 18 months.  Four or five times a day, each user would need to reboot their computer to reconnect to the internet.  Each time the technician “solved” the problem.  A new problem would crop up.


IT Audit: 2 hour IT audit.

Technical Changes: 2 billable hours on the weekend

Value to the customer:

1 month after execution of the solution, the client described…

  •   $30,000 increased productivity (or 25% increase) in monthly income
  •   35+ hours of overtime eliminated
  •   Overall operations costs decreased by 10%


Let’s face it…

  1. Successful Businesses grow when they have a stable IT platform.
  2. All successful businesses eventually outgrow their IT Platform

The Real Problem:

When a business outgrows its technology platform the business cannot grow.  In this case the technology platform had actually outgrown the skill set of the previous IT Support vendor.

Seattle IT Edge

We are the first Seattle IT Consulting Company specializing in the IT strategic planning for small and medium size businesses.  We leverage a strategy called “Monotonous Reliability.”  Monotonous Reliability provides a stable technology platform that gives our clients the Seattle IT Services “Edge”.

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