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Sales Strategy

Seattle IT edge sales strategy is to market based on friendship and referrals.  Our business primarily comes from the relationship we’ve built with our friends, vendors and customers.

Customers – Customers are people and organizations who are presently working with Seattle IT edge to integrate their business vision and their technical strategy.  We work with our clients to create,

  1. Short term strategies that leverage more profit out of the client’s present technology
  2. Long term strategies that allows the business to break million dollar barriers

Friends – Friends are collaboration partners who work with Seattle IT Edge to provide a higher level of service to each other’s clients.  Seattle IT Edge invests in friends in various ways including; Technology services,  trusted partner relationships and other activities that will build credibility for Seattle IT Edge and it’s partners.

Seattle IT Edge is a “Maven” organization (See Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell for details), friends of Seattle IT Edge will tend to be technology mavens and business connectors.  Friends of Seattle IT Edge share “Do it Yourself” type information to the benefit of each other.

At Seattle IT Edge we would rather spend our marketing dollars helping friends be successful than on pointless mailings and unsuccessful phone calls.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you a credible, highly reliable and competent organization looking for Win/Win collaborative type relationships

Vendors –  Yesterdays bleeding and cutting edge technology is today’s mainstream technology and will be tomorrow’s legacy technology.  Our clients plan to be Industry leaders and we  because they focus on cutting edge technologies

Seattle IT Edge plans to focus a high level of loyalty on strong vendor relationships.  When using a vendor, the vendor should also understand the Seattle IT Edge Friends and Customer relationship marketing and collaboration strategies.  Vendors should understand and be willing to work within that relationship.

Seattle IT Edge manages the relationship in order to better protect both the client and the vendor from misunderstandings.  Seattle IT Edge will also reserves the right to match an appropriate vendor with the appropriate client.

Certified Vendors – Certified vendors are vendors who have worked closely enough with Seattle IT Edge to demonstrate that they follow a similar set best practices with their clients as we share with our Seattle IT Consulting clients.  We encourage our clients to work with Seattle IT Edge Certified vendors.  Seattle IT Edge will work with these preferred Certified vendors who focus their customer approach in a way that naturally matches the Seattle IT Edge consulting and strategy model.

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