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Non Technical Business IT 101

Non Technical Business IT 101

…Managing IT doesn’t require a degree!

In our article How to reduce IT support costs we mentioned we started Seattle IT Edge after, “…we noticed that most technical problems are actually not technical problems.  We’ve found that the most inexpensive way to fix technical failures is by addressing the technical problem as a business problem”

Many people are intimidated by computer technicians.  Minutes after being asked a question many non-technical managers find their eyes glazing over with technical rhetoric.  Often giving up and assuming the technician knows what they are doing.  This can be catastrophic (see our article The $100,000 technical mistake).  Yet many business owners are at the mercy of their IT technician because of the technical power held by the technician.

Technicians have a great deal of power, because only they understand the computer

Managing IT is just like managing any other department.  It’s all about business metrics.  How do you know if your sales team is doing well?  How many sales are they making?  How many returns are their?  You don’t have to be a sales person to understand the metrics.  Managing a department is all about understanding the metrics the department measures itself by.  The problem with IT is that the industry is so young those metrics aren’t known.  Most technicians don’t even know how to measure themselves.

Enterprise level businesses have come to the rescue on this issue as well.  Over the years paying high prices for failure, they’ve developed a standard set of metrics.  These are the most common metrics Enterprise organization measure their support staff.

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Usability

These are common words that most non-technical people understand.  Reliability is about the dependability of the network.  Will it do what you want?  Availability is the network working when you need it?  Going through the list, each metric has a measurement that non-technical managers and non-technical owners can understand and hold the IT staff accountable for.

Part of the job of your IT Services Company or companies is to share this information with their clients.  Most companies don’t have this, or don’t share it because the numbers are embarrassing.  Contact us for the tools and strategies to manage your network in the same way every other department is managed.