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Modern Network Architecture role QA

Modern Network Architecture QA Summary information

Purpose:  This document is a summary description explaining the thinking around the Modern Network Architecture QA role, documentation and work that has been done to support this role..

Summary:  This document is designed to tie together the documents and thinking around the Modern Network Architecture QA role and QA process.  The process is designed with three different audiences in mind. 

First is the manager who wants a high overview of the measurements that are going on.

Second is the team members wanting to understand where the score came from on a  with a given ticket.

Third are the QA team and especially the evaluators.

The system is designed with the assumption that things will change.  As teams get better at ticket flow, the document can be adjusted to slowly tighten various parts.  By building it this way, as things change, the whole document or process will not need to be rewritten. 

The document describes three of the documents that will be used by QA.  The QA Database form (located in the MATF Ticket), The QA Considerations document (Used by the QA evaluator to measure the ticket) and the Field definitions document (Describes the detailed standards around the fields of the ticket being evaluated).  The documents will be located in three different locations. 

These three forms are written so that any of the three can change without disrupting the flow.

Summary of evaluation process:

The Field definitions document is the standard to which the Ticket will be written.  This document will be located in the team Wiki under a Training or Standards section.

The QA DB form will be where the final scores for the ticket evaluation will be located.  The Evaluator fills out the form based on the Evaluators experience and the QA Considerations document. 

When each evaluation is done, the evaluator should be able to describe to the team why the ticket was successful or unsuccessful as a team.  The QA Considerations document lays out the details for the ticket evaluation score.

As requirements are tightened the QA considerations can be tightened or even changed without affecting the QA Process.



The purpose of the QA process is to evaluate the ticket.  There are five basis points for evaluating the ticket.    These points include  

  • ·         Process Checks – Was the ticket filled out correctly
  • ·         Timeliness Checks – Was the ticket process in keeping with the OLA’s and other benchmarks required to keep the ticket within SLA expectations?
  • ·         Support Escalation checks – Was the documentation created appropriately when the ticket was first created?  Did the ticket escalate to the various teams appropriately?
  • ·         Monitoring and Escalation – Were TSG documents followed?  Are these documents up to date?
  • ·         Assistance Checks – Where the various SME, Technical Teams, Bridges etc. created and available?

 (See the High level QA process below)




The process should be able to integrate with into the DB process flow.

 (See DB Process Flow below)



 Evaluators will be assigned QA tickets to evaluate.  Evaluators will read through the Assigned tickets and evaluate the ticket itself.  Output from this process will include completion of the database form and a detailed report if necessary for management and the team members. 

Before the ticket is closed all tickets requiring QA evaluation should be completed without disrupting the timing of the QA process.  QA can occur at any point in the incident or PM process, but will finalize before the ticket is closed. (See proposed QA tasks.)

 Forms and documentation 

(Mockup of the QA form seen in the MTF) 

Each section is represented with two questions.  A score of 1,2 or 3 is assigned.  Each section will have it’s on score.  The total of all sections will be evaluated for an overall ticket score.

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