Seattle IT Edge
Seattle IT Edge - Seattle IT Consulting

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Seattle IT Edge is committed to accelerating the economic prosperity of its clients, partners and friends.  We focus on removing the technical and business impediments that reduce business growth, profitability and scalability.  We develop strong social networks that support the stability and economic growth for our clients, vendors and collaboration partners

How we do it:

  • Wisely leveraging technology in the way Fortune 500 companies leverage their technology
  • Creating Customer Centric  marketing programs that build customer loyalty
  • Fast track client automation to improve productivity and decrease technology costs
  • Develop plans to promote client survivability and success

Core business Values

  • Loyalty – We build long lasting relationships with our clients
  • Reliability – We want our clients to depend on us when planning business growth
  • Integrity – We provide solutions based on the customer’s requirements and business needs.
  • Character – Clients will understand the risks and benefits before implementation.
  • Service – Clients will be supported at all stages of the process
  • Flexibility – There is no “One solution” or vendor that fits all clients and situations

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