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How to reduce IT support costs

How to reduce IT support costs

while improving Network reliability

Computers and Servers, it’s difficult to do business without them.  Yet the cost of Technology seems to be rising.  Yet at the same time we also see where the cost of technology is also going down.  Go to any store that sells computers and the computer itself has gone done in price.  Yet the monthly bill to support the computer keeps going up.  The first step in reducing IT costs is recognizing that the cost of the system is not just what you paid for it in the store.  The cost also includes three years of maintenance and the loss of productivity because the tool or system doesn’t match the task.

It’s called TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

A workstation lasts about 3 years
A server last about 5 years

At this point the system is worth about 10% of the original value.  Yet the cost of supporting that can run $120 / hour or more when a technician is on the computer.  We’ve seen technicians spend 3 hours fixing an old computer that was worth less than $100.

Each year the cost of supporting a computer goes up by 50%
While at the same time the value of the computer goes down by 50% (or more)

Looking at TCO we can show that over the life of the computer,

Maintenance costs on a system are 3 times the cost of the system itself

Any purchase that reduces maintenance costs reduces the TCO of the computer.  Simple things like buying from name brand manufactures, buying manufacturer warrantees and putting systems on an accounting life cycle can decrease network failures by 50% or more.

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