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James on Seattle IT Consulting

James Murray is the founding partner for Seattle IT Edge.

18 years ago James began a part-time job with the Spokane Community College IT department to help support himself through college.   

“…back then there were so few people that understood computer networking, a willingness to learn was all you needed to get a job,” says James.

Since then James has worked for International consulting companies like Avanade and Accenture for clients like The City of Seattle, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Smith Barney and Intuit.  James was on track to be a major player consulting as a subject matter expert (SME) providing technical solutions for fortune 500 and dot Com organizations all over the world.  When the bottom fell out of the dot Com market and 9 out of 10 dot Com companies failed almost overnight. 

 “… It seemed that 1000’s of world class technology experts were beating the streets and competing for the few openings that were left,” Says James 

James found himself working not with the biggest networks in the world, but working with IT Support companies supporting the small and medium size businesses in the Seattle area.  

“…It was a humbling experience when this “hot shot” network expert came to realize that small business technology and budgets were very different from Fortune 500 budgets.” 

The silver lining that James found for himself was that none of the other small business technology companies had ever seen a large enterprise network.  So had no idea what a large network infrastructure was supposed to look like.  This gave him a big advantage when redesigning and upgrading small networks.  He could design business IT solutions for small networks that were two or three time more profitable than the typical small or medium size network. 

“… It’s very gratifying when years later one of my original small business clients still comes over to hug me when they see me on the street.” 

James continues to work in both the Enterprise and SMB worlds.  One of the insights he’s began to understand is that, 

…business growth is limited to the collective technical understanding of the management, staff and the organization’s IT vendor pool,” says James.

 Seattle IT Edge increases this collective understanding by increasing the organizational understanding of IT strategy, technology best practices and cutting edge technology implementation for its clients.  What this means for clients is

“…a monotonously reliable network experience!”

With this understanding Seattle IT Edge clients have and edge.  This competitive edge helps them jump ahead of their competition and break million dollar barriers for their companies. 

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