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Cloud Network Architecture – Organizational productivity

Increase organizational productivity under Cloud Network Architecture

What does your business know?  The organization’s knowledge base includes everything the company knows about the business.  The customer database, sale strategies, accounting information, customer proposals, shipping lists are all part of this organizational knowledge base.  The knowledge base can be the undocumented “Tribal Knowledge” about each customer and business process.  The most efficient way is to store that knowledge in an information system.  The Venetians stored their accounting records on paper.  Today we store that knowledge digitally.  The efficient distribution of the organizations documented knowledge base determines organizational profitability. 

Basically the knowledge base is the company’s information about the customer.  Who is your customer?  How to attract potential customers?  How do you service your present customers?  How to bill your customer?

Why is a knowledge base important?

Profitability is directly dependent on organizational productivity

Organizational productivity is directly dependent on the knowledge base of the organization. 

Therefore Profitability is directly dependent on the organizational knowledge base.

So improving the quality and distribution of the knowledge within the organization directly impacts the profitability of the organization.  No knowledge base and no profit.   

Information technology is about improving the knowledgebase of the organization.   Websites, CRM, ERP and accounting systems are all systems designed to improve the profitability of the company.  Without these systems the company cannot compete as effectively.  These systems and thus the profitability of the organization are dependent on the infrastructure of the organization. 

Without the network infrastructure to support these systems, the information knowledge base fails, the productivity of the organization is lost along with organizational profitability.  Therefore without a network infrastructure, there can be no profit.   

Profit is then limited by the availability of the network infrastructure.  Most small networks run at 85% to 95% availability.  The cloud maintains systems at a 99.9% or better availability.  Just by moving systems to the cloud the business improves availability and ultimately the potential for profitability is also improves by 4.9 to 14.9% when moving from traditional IT Systems to the Cloud.  By eliminating the dependency on the “on-premise network”, profitability is improved by putting systems in the cloud.

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