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Business Technology Marketing

Business Technology Marketing

How many ways are there to market your business with technology?

The list is long and really depends on how creative you are.  Most businesses are always looking for new customers.  Technology provides new ways to market and some wrinkles on the old ways to market.  Are you being efficient in marketing your business?

Every couple days get emails from companies all over the world telling me they can help me with my Search Enging Optimization.  In my SPAM email I am hit with 1000’s of emails a day promising me products like insurance and online drugstores.  Then there are the constant messages from companies selling other services that are unethical, illegal, viruses or even scams to capture personal information.

As part of our consulting services we help our clients understand and impliment marketing plans that require technology to impliment.  The strategies we help with include:

Customer Centric Marketing:


Search Engine Optimization:

Social networking: