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Business IT Consulting

… 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration (or how to double business)

At Seattle IT Edge we have found that the most successful businesses are able to align their technical vision with the business vision.  Business/IT consulting is helping the business owner with the 1% inspiration that makes the 99% perspiration effective.

Why do less than 5% of businesses succeed?

Sobering facts,
95% of businesses never break the Million dollar sales mark
5% of businesses breaking a million ever break $10,000,000

A business started with a $40,000 investment must double 5 times to break $1,000,000.

Each time the business doubles, each business system must double capacity

This doubling in capacity is what slows and can even break most organizations.  In our article Non-Technical Business IT 101 we talk about the metrics for measuring the network.  Scalability is the metric that determines network and ultimately business growth.

Businesses that succeed build scalable business systems

At Seattle IT Edge we combine business and technical expertise to help our clients build scalable business systems that just happen to also be technical systems.  Each system is designed with the idea that as the business doubles in size each business system will need to double in capacity.

Contact us to see how we can help your organization double in size.

IT failures

… how technicians enable businesses to failure

Too often IT Technicians propose a solution that takes care of a problem today, without considering the ramifications.  Hardware and software failures represent up to 45% on network failures.  The rest are caused by inadvertent human failure.  Because technicians are human, many of the problems on the network are caused by human technicians.

In our article The $100,000 technical mistake we talk about a technician who attempted to save the client 4 or 5 billable hours and in the process changed the technical direction of the company.. The ultimate cost was a $100,000 investment in technology that was scrapped within a year. Contact us to learn how to recognize and reduce these types of situations before investing in technology.